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Camp Registration Guide

You have three choices to register for camp. All forms and documentation must be completed to ensure your child’s camp space.

  1. Register online
  2. Filling out registration forms and return by email
  3. Filling out registration forms by printing and returning by postal mail

Online Step 1: Login / Sign Up

Before you register online you must have an active online account. Under ONLINE ACCOUNT PORTAL, click on Login.

Online Account Portal

If you can’t see the account portal, please click here.

 You have three choices:

  • “I want to sign in to my account” (Someone who has registered online before. If you don’t remember, you can try the ‘forgot your password’ link for help)
  • “I want to set up online access for my account” (Someone who is a member, but hasn’t used the online registration feature)
  • “I don’t have an account but I want to create one” (Someone who has never created an online account)

Online Step 2: Register

  • Below Categories, click “Summer Camp”
  • In the middle of the screen, below “Programs that matched your search”, click on your branch
  • Click on a camp
  • On the left-hand side, under Locations, check the camps you want to register for
  • Check the boxes for the specific camps you want to register for
    • If you would like to select specific week(s), change the date range
    • Travel and Specialty camps have additional fees that you must also register for
      • MacColl: Trailblazers, Adventurers and Explorers
      • Pawtucket Family: Explorers Adventure, Explorers Outback, Aim High, Photography, Culinary and Art
      • Westwood: Travel
  • On the right-hand side, at the top or bottom of the screen click “Register”
  • Select the child who is going to camp
  • Change or add authorized pickups as necessary
  • Click “Continue”
  • Answer the provided questions
    • We must have a current  immunization and physical record as well as the date of last tetanus shot
  • Click “Accept and Sign” to verify you have read the waiver completely
  • Sign your name with your mouse, finger or other device
  • Click “I Agree”
  • Review the camps you’ve registered for
    • If you’re registering another child or adding more camps, click “Add More Programs” at the top of the screen
  • Once you’ve registered for the correct camps, click “Next”
  • Click “Pay” to complete your registration
  • Print a receipt for your records

Filling Out Registration Forms: Complete Online and Return by Email

  • Click on the registration form(s) for your camp branch
  • Complete the form(s)
  • Save the form(s) to your computer
  • Email to the list below

Pawtucket Family:

Filling Out Registration Forms: Print and Return by Postal Mail

  • Click on the registration form(s) for your camp branch
  • Print the forms
  • Complete the forms
  • Mail to the list below

Tammy Boillard
32 Breakneck Hill Rd
Lincoln, RI 02865
(401) 725-0773

Pawtucket Family:
Courtenay Good
20 Summer Street
Pawtucket, RI 2860
(401) 727-7900

Laura Stiles
2093 Harkney Hill Rd
Coventry, RI 02816
(401) 397-7779

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