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Pawtucket Family YMCA

Pawtucket Family YMCA PROGRAMS


For more than 160 years, the YMCA has nurtured potential and united communities across America to create lasting, meaningful change. Everything the Y does is in service of building a better us. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to teach youth, teens, and adults to swim, so they can stay safe around water and learn the skills they need to make swimming a lifelong pursuit for staying healthy.

At the YMCA of Pawtucket, we understand that swim lessons are more than just stroke development. As they learn to swim, children also develop endurance, self-confidence, and an appreciation for water safety. The Y staff works hard to create an encouraging atmosphere in the water, where each swimmer can learn and progress at his or her own rate and comfort level.

All ages – from infants to seniors – can learn to swim. See our class offerings to find one that best fits your family’s busy schedule.

The Pawtucket Family YMCA’s mission is to help develop fit people and build strong communities. Whether you’re in shape and want to stay that way or out of shape and ready to move toward a healthier lifestyle, we have a program and a place for you! You can choose from individual workouts on our cardiovascular and strength training equipment or take a class and have fun with a group of friends. The YMCA staff dedicates themselves to assisting and encouraging individuals to discover and maintain their full physical, mental and spiritual potential by providing complete wellness education, resources, equipment and professional guidance.

Wellness Center: The Pawtucket Family YMCA’s Wellness Center is 6,000 sq. feet and includes the latest state-of-the-art fitness equipment. The Pawtucket Family YMCA’s Wellness Center, designed to help facilitate the highest level of service to improve our members’ health and well-being, offers creative and dynamic programs and customized exercise opportunities. Equipment includes Cybex® treadmills, Arc Trainers, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, Cybex® strength equipment, plate-loaded equipment, free weights, functional trainers, and cable crossover machines.

Personal Training: Whether it’s getting started or just maintaining your current fitness level, our team of personal trainers can provide you with challenges and motivation. Each member of the Family Y Personal Training team carries national certification or a related educational degree.

Ready-To-Be-Fit Program: Our Ready-To-Be-Fit Program is a safe and easy way to develop and acclimate into a fitness routine. Staffed by YMCA Fitness professionals, the program is specifically designed for members of all fitness levels to complete a full-body strength workout in 30 minutes. The program is held in the Ready To Be Fit Room, which is the perfect complement to an exercise class or cardiovascular workout. Equipment in the room includes Cybex® strength equipment, Cybex® treadmills.

Group Classes: No matter what your style, the Pawtucket Family YMCA has a group exercise class fit for you! Our classes are offered for early risers, and continue into the evening for those who need to burn off steam from a long day. Our instructors are certified professionals who have your health interests in mind and offer a variety of difficulty levels and skills in each class. The Pawtucket Family YMCA provides proven programming that works!

Physical activity is a great way for older adults to have fun and maintain the strength and agility necessary to remain independent and healthy.

Offerings at the Pawtucket Family YMCA for seniors include SilverSneakers, a renowned group exercise program that gives seniors an opportunity to stay on track toward their health and fitness goals. The classes are designed for older adults and are taught by certified instructors.

Participants move to the sound of music through a variety of exercises aimed at increasing strength and range of movement, both of which are necessary to complete activities of daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a SilverSneakers ball are used for resistance. Chairs are available for support, if needed.

Senior citizen programs exclusive to YMCA members are:

  • Deep Water Exercise, which combines water aerobics with periods of body sculpting for a non-weight bearing workout that is easy on the joints and bones.
  • Strong & Flexible Seniors, which consists of a variety of exercises and a 15-minute flexibility segment.
  • Adult Cardio Latin Beat, which is held in the pool, where participants do a series of movements to improve their appearance and strengthen their cardiovascular systems.
  • Game Day, which gives older adults a chance to exercise their minds and sharpen their awareness skills. Held once a month, the session includes memorization and puzzles.
  • Book Club

More information can be acquired at the member services desk or by calling (401) 727-7900.

The Pawtucket Family YMCA is home to some of the best parties in the area! The Y offers a vast amount of themes and activities that are fun, convenient, and affordable for all!


The perfect party for your little one! Reserve an hour just for your party in our soft-play and tube rooms. These two great rooms will have your child begging not to leave! This party area will be one that your child will not forget anytime soon! (one hour pre-school or Pool play, one hour party room)
Member/Non-Member: $175/$250


This party package includes Basic pool or PPG party, 40 invitations, pizza (2 slices per child), 25 juice boxes, and assorted snacks provided.
Member/Non-Member: $50/$60


Free swim lessons for the birthday child (member only), and also basic pool or PPG party. Includes our Deluxe Party Package and 1/4 sheet cake or 30 cupcakes, ice cream cups, and a YMCA T-shirt for the special Birthday child.
Member/Non-Member: $90/$100


(Start times vary based upon party type)
Friday: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Saturday: 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Contact Aisha Laliberte (Y Party Coordinator) at (401) 727-7900 to reserve your party today!

Gym, Rockwall, Raquetball & Classroom Rentals

The Pawtucket Family YMCA has state-of-the-art facilities including a regulation-sized gymnasium, 23ft. Rockwall and a brand new raquetball court. For more information, call (401) 727-7900.

Child Watch is a feature of the YMCA’s youth programming that offers a variety of supervised activities for children while their parent’s exercise and stay active.

Reciprocal/Non-Members: $3 for one child and $2 for each additional child


Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
(3 months – 5 years old – non-school age)
(3 months – 12 years old – summertime)


Monday – Friday: 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (3 months to 12 years old)

Ages 3 months – 5 years old (non-school age)
Rest assured that your child is safe and well supervised while you work out. Free play, story time, play dough, creative play, movies and lots of fun for the little ones.

Ages 5 – 8 years old
Children play basketball, have use of the indoor play gym, watch movies, enjoy playing games on Wii, climb the Rockwall, and get competitive with each other with board games.

Ages 9 – 12 years old

Child Watch staff will engage your kids in basketball, playing games on Wii, general games, swimming, indoor play gym, watching movies and climbing the Rockwall.


Saturday:  8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Ages 6 months – 4 years old · Ages 5 – 8 years old · Ages 9 – 12 years old

Saturday Child Watch offers age-appropriate activities for children. Our staff will engage children in activities and offer homework assistance, as well as encourage each child to stay active with their minds and bodies. Offerings include crafts, gym activities, sport wall, Rockwall, computer lab, and more!


Once a month from September through May
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Ages 7 to 12 years old
Activities will consist of field trips, swimming, arts and crafts and sports. Breakfast, snack and lunch will be provided.
Members Only $50 for 6 weeks

Cooking Club
Get your aprons ready! Do you like mixing, mashing, measuring, and making mouthfuls of yummy snacks? Then come have fun and learn how to cook at the YMCA Kitchen! During this six-week program you will learn healthy recipes and various cooking techniques.  Kids will also learn how to handle utensils properly and become familiar with the kitchen. Did we mention having fun too? Spots are limited! Check our current program book for updated information.

Art Club
Take your creativity and turn it into something inspiring, all while having fun. Through our eight-week program, you will meet people with the same passion as you while you express yourself through many different styles of arts and crafts. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because that’s what art is all about.

Magic the Gathering Club
Come learn and play this exciting challenging card game. Each eight-week session will end with a tournament. Our staff will help develop strategic skills and understanding for better game play. Join us, have some fun, and make new friends! Cards included.

Photography Club
Photography Club will give youth a chance to be behind the lens. Through our eight-week program, youth will learn about lighting, framing, retouching, and developing photos while also learning to use Photoshop. Youth will take various types of pictures including black and whites, digital and 35 mm. By learning new techniques and having fun, youth will develop a lifelong passion for of photography while forming friendships with peers who share their enthusiasm. Sign up early – spots are limited!

Fitness for Fun

Do you want your child to become more active and health conscious? This six-week class will focus on learning the exercise principles, guidelines and techniques to use in the Fitness Center or Ready To Be Fit Room. Participants will learn the proper use of the cardio and strength equipment. Children will also be taught about the importance of nutrition. Upon completion of the program, youth will be permitted into designated fitness areas, when accompanied by an adult, at select times throughout the week.

Teen Programs

Teen Center
The Pawtucket Family YMCA gives teens a safe place to call their own and a chance to connect with positive role models and adults who care about them. Teen programs include youth development activities, leadership groups, community service projects, exposure to diverse career options, after-school activities, tutoring and mentoring, sports, camping, strength- training, and fun, recreational events.

Leaders In Training (LIT)
This after school program allows teens to socialize with other teens in a safe environment. During their time in the club, we will offer homework help as needed and access to computers for school projects. Those enrolled in the program will also be offered dinner every night during the week. We offer free weekly classes that can include dance, Rockwall climbing, fitness center, art projects and more activities.

Teen Open Gym

This is a time set for teen members to drop in and play the sport of the day. Basketball, wiffleball, soccer, football and volleyball activities are enjoyed by teens and supervised by staff. Come join us for some fun! Teen Gym is a safe, monitored environment for your teens to exercise and develop healthy habits. Teen gym also gives teens the opportunity for fun, fitness and social interaction!

Homework Help
Come down after school and get your homework done with help from our tutors every day in the Teen Center. Do you have a question that you couldn’t get answered in school? Our tutors know it all!

Teen Field Trips
Teens can partake in our monthly field trips where they are provided with a great time doing fun, recreational activities in the local community. Our adventures away from the YMCA include supervision and positive role models.


Rookie’s Basketball
(Ages 4 to 7-years-old)
This is a six-week program that focuses on the fundamentals and skill building of the game of basketball. The Rookie’s Basketball league is a great place for younger children to train and play. Every child will get to participate while learning new techniques. We have excellent instructors with backgrounds playing on a college level, professionally and also coaching AAU Basketball. Enroll your kids to be part of the team!

Pawtucket YMCA Youth Basketball League
(Ages 8 to 12-years-old)
Our mission for the youth basketball program is to create a fun and educational atmosphere. We focus on team building and emphasize team concepts. Our goal is to train our athletes to be leaders both on and off the court. Whether you are new to the game or have played for years, we have a spot for you on the team! This is a great way to make new friends, exercise and learn a competitive, fun-filled sport.
TBA – Pick up schedule at Member Services Desk

Youth Futbal League
JUNIORS: (Ages 4 to 6-years-old)
REBELS: (Ages 7 to 9-years-old)
ALL STARS: (Ages 10 to 12-years-old)
This indoor soccer academy is an eight-week, action-packed program. InterAmerica Sports instills the latest techniques and training trends for new as well as experienced players. All participants will receive a team jersey and shorts.
TBA – Pick up schedule at Member Services Desk

Youth Flag Football
ROOKIES (Ages 5 to 7-years-old)
JUNIORS  (Ages 8 to 10-years-old)
ALL STARS (Ages 11 to 12-years-old)
YYFF (YMCA Youth Flag Football) is the premier flag football league for boys and girls. Young players have a fun and exciting opportunity to learn position specifics, game play and engage in non-contact, continuous action.

Shito Ryu Kai Karate
Students learn basic techniques, forms, and self-defense in a structured martial arts program. Students also learn the history of karate.


Flag Football
(Ages 11 to 17-years-old)

Flag Football is a recreational program designed for youngsters new to the sport of football, as well as those not quite ready for tackle football, who want to learn how to play the sport. They can also brush up on the rules, learn new tactics and skills, improve their game and most importantly, have fun!  Our focus is on the education, participation, and sportsmanship portions of this exciting and popular sport.

Teen Volleyball
(Ages 13 to 17-years-old)

While this new program teaches children the skills necessary to excel in the sport of volleyball, the focus remains on participation, cooperation, sportsmanship, responsibility, and of course, fun! Strength, endurance and improved coordination result from the weekly activity of the program.

Teen Rockwall
Ages 13 to 17-years-old
The Family Y offers a 23 ft. climbing wall with experienced staff always ready to guide you through our array of trails.  Participants will learn proper safety and climbing techniques to achieve personal goals • Free for Members. 

Teen Basketball 
Ages 13 to 17-years-old
Our program focuses on learning and increasing participants skills in this ever-evolving sport. Burn calories, increase strength and endurance, increase stamina, sleep better, improve mood, reduce risk of diseases and improve your quality of life all while having fun!


Racquetball is an intense cardio workout that is quick and easy to learn. A faster game than traditional tennis, the game is designed for quick thinking and quick moving, and is great for participants looking to add variety to their workouts. Members may reserve court time up to one week in advance. For more information or to sign up, please visit the Member Services desk.
Free for members.

Wallyball is an exciting game that combines volleyball and racquetball. Played in a racquetball court, Wallyball provides the element of surprise as an ordinary volley can go a whole new direction with spiking the ball off the walls in many directions.  Rentals are available. Please sign up at the Member Services Desk.

1 hour $29 •  2 hours $49

9-week session. Co-ed. Make new friends while throwing soft foam dodgeballs at them and getting exercise. This league is for honest players only! Bring the right attitude, lots of high fives, dance to the music, and dodge some balls. Sign up as an individual, small group or an entire team. To register, please visit the Member Services desk.

Yogey Ball
9-week session. Co-ed. 6 vs 6 format. Played just like volleyball (on a volleyball court) except all players hold a giant yoga exercise ball. Players use the exercise ball to hit the volleyball back and forth over the net. Surprisingly, a very good workout. Not surprisingly, an absolute blast and tons of fun! Sign up as an individual, small group or an entire team. To register, please visit the Member Services desk.

9-week session. Co-ed. 6 vs 6 format. Very friendly fun volleyball. No strict enforcement of real volleyball rules. Just friendly, fun games with music pumping to get some exercise in a social setting with very nice people. Sign up as an individual, small group or an entire team. To register, please visit the Member Services desk

9-week session. Co-ed. 12 vs 12. You haven’t played kickball until you’ve played kickball with the Super Fun Activities Club (SFAC). Filled with funny twists, SFAC Kickball will have you laughing until you’re crying while playing a childhood favorite. Sign up as an individual, small group or an entire team. To register, please visit the Member Services desk.

Lunch Break Basketball
This program is designed to offer adults a program where they can come in on their lunch hour and enjoy a basketball game. Basketball is a great cardiovascular workout that gets your heart and lungs active. Try this program to get a good workout while also building lasting friendships.

Children of all ages can expand their horizons while having a fun-filled and exciting summer by attending one of the many camps offered by the Pawtucket Family YMCA, located at 20 Summer St.

Most camps are conducted between June 23 and August 22 and run daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is no additional charge for children dropped off at 6:30 a.m. and/or picked up at 5:45 p.m. Breakfast and lunch are provided by Subway.

Children between the ages of 10 and 12 can get a taste for traveling by attending Explorers I. Attendees will go on daily field trips, discovering local destinations. Campers will learn responsibility and core values such as the importance of teamwork; and through many activities, they will gain confidence and increase their social skills. The cost is $140 per week for YMCA members and $165 for non-members. Also, there is a $25 weekly field trip fee.

Children that attend Aim High or Aim Higher camps will keep their minds and bodies fit. Conducted by a certified teacher, Aim High is for children ages 6 and 7 and Aim Higher is for children between ages 8 and 10-years-old.

Aim High is designed so campers retain what they learned in school while improving their reading, math and writing skills during the summer. Aim Higher focuses on all-important study habits, time management and working independently. Creative educational methods are used and English as a Second Language is taught in each camp. Besides learning, campers will enjoy activities such as swimming and going on field trips. The cost is $140 per week for YMCA members and $165 for non-members.

Youngsters between the ages of 6 and 12 can learn some new moves at the YMCA’s Cheerleading and Dance camps. In Cheerleading Camp, children receive some historical information about cheering while acquiring some related skills and techniques. Campers learn a number of cheers and simple stunts and lifts while being spotted by staffers. In addition, the aspiring cheerleaders participate in a brief performance each week for fellow campers and parents.

Cheerleading camp is conducted between July 7 and July 11; July 28 and August 1; and August 12 and 15. There is no camp on August 11. The cost is $140 per week for YMCA members and $165 for non-members.

At Dance Camp, children also receive some historical information before learning hip-hop, jazz and step dance techniques, while also being introduced to other dance forms such as ballet. Campers show what they have learned during a brief performance each week for their peers and parents. Dance camp is held June 30 – July 3; July 14 – 18; and August 4 – 8. The cost is $140 per week for YMCA members and $165 for nonmembers.

Other camps offered at the Pawtucket Family YMCA include:

  • Camp Dino-Mytes for children ages 5 to 8-years-old. Campers participate in a variety of activities aimed at helping foster their imaginations. The cost is $138 for YMCA members and $165 for others.
  • Rookies, Future Stars and All-Stars Sports Camps for children 6 to 12-years-old. The cost is $140 for YMCA members and $165 for others.
  • Photography summer camp will give campers an opportunity to be behind the lens. Through the four week program, campers will learn about lighting, framing, focusing, and retouching photos, as well as learning to use Photoshop tools. Campers will create a photo book, produce a mounted picture and produce other pictures. By learning new techniques and having fun new experiences, campers will develop a life-long passion for photography while forming friendships with campers who share their enthusiasm about photography.
  • Explorers Adventure for children 8 and 9-years-old helps kids find new talents and learn about friendship while engaging in a myriad of activities. The cost is $140 for members and $165 for non-members, and there is a weekly field trip fee of $15.
  • Intern Camp for children 12 to 16-years-old is intended for youngsters who are interested in learning about the employment process. The cost is $140 for members and $165 for non-members.

The Pawtucket Family YMCA also offers two camps at Heritage Park YMCA

333 Roosevelt Ave., Pawtucket, RI • (401) 727-7050

There’s Camp Heritage Pioneers for children ages 4 and 5-years-old, and it is ideal for youngsters going from preschool to kindergarten. There is a combination of recreational and sports activities for a cost of $140 per week for YMCA members and $175 for non-members.

For children ages 6 to 8-years-old there is Camp Heritage Voyagers offers fun excursions with an emphasis on creativity. The cost is $138 for YMCA members and $160 for non-members.

The YMCA offers a 15 percent discount for siblings that attend camps, and there is financial assistance available to families in need.

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20 Summer Street
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(401) 727-7900


Mon-Fri: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sat-Sun: 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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