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Heritage Park YMCA

Heritage Park MEMBERSHIP

The Heritage Park YMCA in Pawtucket has a BrightStars rated quality education program for children ages 6 weeks to 8 years old. Heritage Park has 21 spacious classrooms as well as indoor and outdoor play areas, giving attendees ample space to “play to learn and learn to play.” Instructors have the most recent teaching materials and children are encouraged to learn at their own pace.

Heritage Park YMCA is licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Human Services. Our preschool and RIPK programs are approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE). Heritage Park is a branch of the YMCA of Pawtucket, and members have privileges at the YMCA of Pawtucket Association.

Heritage Park YMCA members are also members of the Pawtucket Family YMCA! 

To learn more, please contact the Pawtucket Family YMCA.

333 Roosevelt Avenue
Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860
(401) 727-7050


Mon-Fri: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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